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Specialize in the Supply Design & Installation All Kinds of Racking

Mehran Trading - F.Z.E is Situated In Ajman United Arab Emirates. We have more than 4 years of Experience in Supply and Manufacturing of all kinds of Racks and Shelving’s like pallet racking ,long span shelving ,structural steel mezzanine ,cantilever racking ,type racking ,bolt free shelving ,rack support mezzanine ,and Two type mezzanine .

We supply our products to Commercial and Industrial usage like warehouses storage system offices. we design the shelving’s according to customers’ needs with affordable price. We have well trained and professional team who can handle the work in the given time period We can also offer favorable payments terms & Condition Best racking and shelving companies in UAE .Now we are looking forward to serve you in the professional way.

Racking and Shelving Company in UAE

Mehran Shelving and Racking company in UAE is one of the Best Racking and Shelving Company In UAE. We are Serving Our Clients Around the UAE with our best Technical Staff who understanding The Requirement of the Client.

All types of Racking shelving's provider in United Arab Emirates ,We serve in all area like

    1. Offices
    2. Warehouses
    3. Shops
    4. Restaurants
    5. Factories
    6. Villas and lot More
We guaranteed Best prices with After sales Support Our Experienced team is highly professional and up to date with the latest technology Just send us your requirement we will visit your Area to check and give you Best Possible Rates which will be best in this Industry Mehran Racking and shelving company in Ajman is looking forward to fulfill your requirement in Specific Time Frame Call Now Email Us or You can Chat with us online 24/7 Customer Support

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Pallet Racking

We do all types of pallet racking to store your valuable materials Pallet racking is used in ware houses, manufacturing units, retail centers, and other storage and distribution centers. Pallet racking will increase the storage density to store the goods. We are specialized in all types of pallet racking storage system and we customized the pallet racking according to customers need best pallet racking manufacturer and supplier in UAE

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long Span Shelving

Supplier and Manufacturer of Long span shelving in UAE. This type of shelving means spanning a great distance. This type of long span shelving is made of steel and is very strong to hold the heavy weight goods. We are the manufacturer and supplier of long span shelving in UAE. We can handle your storage requirements with our professional and trained team long span shelving is used in ware houses and storage of goods

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Structural steel mezzanine

Manufacturing and supplier of Structural steel mezzanine in UAE. This Mezzanine shelving is made of strong steel which support the floors of shelving. With our professional and trained staff we can handle structural steel mezzanine shelving in quick and given period time. We have special payment terms for more details call us now


Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking manufacturer and supplier in UAE. This type of cantilever racking is used in big storage like pvc , pups, steel rods and pipes long and heavy loads like timber plasterboards In this type of shelving uprights beam support the arms. We have the special payment terms for more details call us Now

Tyre Racks

Tyre Racks

Manufacturer and supplier of Tyre racking in UAE which help tyres to display in the shop or warehouse It is very easy to maintain the stock as your all tyres are display in front of you For best rates call us now.

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Bolt Free Shelving

Bolt free metal shelving manufacturer and supplier in UAE. This shelving is free with bolt and nuts which is used in light weight goods to store For more details about bolt free metal shelving call us now.